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Please find my completed reflections on Aristotle. As one of the two “founding fathers”of the western intellectual tradition, understanding his system of thought is key to understanding the development of philosophy in the later Greco-Roman and Abrahamic traditions.

Primary sources

  • The Corpus Aristotelicum

Recommended Reading

  • Aristotle for Everybody, Mortimer J. Adler
  • Ethics of Aristotle, Joseph Koterski
  • Ethics With Aristotle, Sarah Broadie

Deeper reading

  • Aristotle’s De Interpretatione: Contradiction and Dialectic, C. W. A. Whitaker
  • Aristotle’s Theory of Substance: The Categories and Metaphysics Zeta, Michael V. Wedin
  • Time for Aristotle: Physics IV. 10-14, Ursula Coope.
  • Aristotle on Knowledge and Learning: The Posterior Analytics, David. Bronstein
  • Aristotle: Political Philosophy, Richard Kraut
  • Passions and Persuasion in Aristotle’s Rhetoric, Jamie Dow

Intro and outro music

  • Reeder, Watchmaker’s Daughter – available on Free Music Archive or at

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